Deep Learning Week

During our Deep Learning Week, our pupils had the opportunity to take part in some fantastic events. Unfortunately due to the extreme weather some of our events had to be postponed, however we were lucky to be able to run their wellbeing trips and have their rewards day.

On Thursday 14th July, our Year 8 pupils had the chance to learn how to do CPR  with our resus Annie’s. Our Year 9s had the opportunity to watch a live performance of Macbeth, which can be seen later in the newsletter. Our Year 10 pupils visited either colleges and sixth forms or Universities. Our group of students attending the University of East London had a fantastic day filled with challenges and presentations. Another went to the creative arts focussed college Big Creative Education and others went to Waltham Forest College and Sir George Monoux College. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and got an insight into education after leaving Frederick Bremer.

On Wednesday 20th July, that’s when the real fun started. We had pupils visit Southend for a rollercoaster of a day at Adventure Island.  Pupils went over the Thames in a cable car and others admired the view of London’s Southbank on the London Eye. Pupils had the opportunity to see wildlife at London Zoo, whilst others admired art during their Art Appreciation workshop. Other pupils got the chance to visit London Stadium and so much more.

Rewards day involved lots of fun, pupils had time in their form groups to watch a film of their choice, an assembly highlighting all the fantastic things they have done this academic year and the opportunity to play giant board games.

Even with the slight setback with the heat, pupils loved Deep Learning Week and we look forward to doing it all again next year.


Mrs Padley

Assistant Headteacher