Sports Day

This year we were lucky to be able to host our first Sports Day with all our year groups attending since 2019. They were taking part in track and field events, with everyone competing in at least one event. When everyone arrived at the Feel Good Centre, the events kicked off. With the competitiveness in the air, the first competitors headed to their events. With pupils leaping as far as they possibly could trying to beat their peers, we knew the field events had begun. Not forgetting to mention the shot put, discus and javelin. During the track events, first up 800m, pupils racing around the track twice for first place. With the incredible atmosphere, pupils were determined to finish. With incredible speed we watched each form compete in the relay race, each running 100m. While the day was sun filled, our tuck shop made a great stop for our pupils who needed an extra pick me up after competing.

During lunchtime, staff had the opportunity to entertain pupils by running a staff relay race. Each team member ran 100m as fast as they could, making sure not to drop the baton. In the end Mr Akata, Mr Alaile, Mr Anastasi and Mr Tchikaya claimed victory, narrowly beating our Year 11 helpers (some who ran in crocs and others in just socks).

Well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to all our winners! A massive shout out to our Year 11 helpers who came back and helped us run a fantastic day.