Codes and Cyphers Workshop


Our pupils and staff headed off to Bletchley Park for a fun filled day of code-breaking and cyphers. Students started off by learning Morse code. They eventually worked their way through various different codes and cyphers to work out the mystery of the name of the double agent working in Bletchley Park during the War (we won’t give anything away).


They then had a self-guided tour, which included an excellent video presentation about the importance of the code-breaking work that Bletchley Park did, and its impact on the soldiers on the front line.


The Year 7s were impeccably behaved and thoroughly enjoyed their time there. They said “I enjoyed the codebreaking”, “it was really fun and interesting” and “the park was absolutely beautiful as well as interesting. It was tons of fun to learn about the things they did there.”


Mr Haque- KS4 Maths Lead