Marvellous Mosaic

We were finally chosen to be Maud Milton’s next mosaic project. Soon after receiving the exciting news, the pandemic hit, which meant everything was put on hold for the unforeseeable future. Fast forward two years, we now have a glorious mosaic sign that glistens in the sunshine as you enter the school. Pupils and staff had the opportunity to create their own mosaic piece using different tools such as stamps and sculpting pencils. Once the tiles were finalised and collected, the Artyface Community Art Team started their hard work. The team put each piece together to create different shapes such as stars and hearts around ‘Frederick Bremer’.

On 24th May we had several guests attend our official grand reveal of the mosaic, they included, Waltham Forest’s Mayor Elizabeth Baptiste, Cllr Grace Williams, Maud Milton and Sid Patrick from Waltham Forest Culture Bid Team. A huge thank you to all the pupils who attended and for their hard work helping create so many of the amazing tiles that can be seen within the whole piece.

Unfortunately the sun wasn’t shining during the opening, however it was wonderful to have such a great turn out for this fantastic celebration of Frederick Bremer.