Simmons & Simmons Work Experience

After the rigorous application process, the twelve successful Year 10 pupils had the opportunity to take part in a four day work experience with the international law firm, during the spring holidays. Officially starting the Young Talent Programme, they were dressed for business. Each pupil was assigned to a department; this included working with lawyers and being a part of the business services department. Having the opportunity to work across different departments helped pupils understand the different jobs that are available and that you don’t just have to be a lawyer to work in a law firm.

Being in a professional setting gave the pupils an insight into everyday working life at Simmons & Simmons; this included having to get public transport into the offices near Liverpool Street, researching and presenting to others and learning about Artificial Intelligence. They learned key skills such as time management, communication, and team work.

“I really liked the professional environment and that I was treated as a professional, not a student.”- Frey

“I really enjoyed the welcoming environment, it made me feel comfortable sharing my opinions and ask as many questions as I could.”- Ruth

“The experience was very useful to my future, now I have experience in a professional setting. I would recommend everyone to visit a professional setting or workplace, especially people my age.”- Josiah

“I liked working with professionals, they were very knowledgeable and gave great advice. I also enjoyed the food, the atmosphere and being treated as an adult.”- Jerry

“I think it was a very engaging experience, especially the journey to the office because you get a sense of how it would be to travel there every day. They treated us like adults and gave us great advice for our future careers.” – Eugenia

Simmons & Simmons gave fantastic feedback to each of our pupils. They stated that pupils showed great enthusiasm throughout the entire process; they maintained a professional demeanour throughout the work experience and showed great work ethic.

Well done to the tremendous twelve!

We wish our current Year 11 pupils all the best in their internships with Simmons & Simmons that will be starting once they have finished their GCSE exams. We hope that you will enjoy this as much as you did last year.