World Book Day

Even though the event had been postponed twice, the staff here at Bremer still celebrated World Book Day with the same enthusiasm and dedication to the cause of fancy dress as they had done in the years before the pandemic.

Once again, we became a wondrous sight to behold.

Each department was styled according to a chosen genre. And whilst this might look quite transparent and easy going, let me assure you that departments keep their book and costume ideas TOP SECRET.

The winning department this year was the Additional Needs Department who took the genre of Non-Fiction to another level. Each member of the department came dressed as their interpretation of one of London’s underground stations. Together they represented TfL’s Tube Map. Genius.

In joint second place was the Creative Arts department and the MFL department. The Creative Arts department took on the thriller genre and produced convincing spies and secret agents, and even had a member of staff dressed as a getaway car! The MFL department took the genre of Myths and Legends to the peak of Mount Olympus and onto the Arabian deserts with Medusa, Hermes and a genie to name but a few! C’est magnifique.

Down on The Street, the indomitable Miss Kudaisi led the student body of Reading Champions on their quest to bring the world of the library and reading outside to the rest of the school. Our amazing champions had been working tirelessly on their genre displays, even coming in on the teacher inset day! Together they created quizzes, posters and activities for their fellow students to enjoy.

Well done everyone and we can’t wait for next year to do it all AGAIN!

Ms Kyriakou– Literacy Lead Practitioner