& Juliet

The English department took 40 Year 9 students on a reward trip to the theatre – the first time we had been able to do so for nearly two years! The students were selected for their excellent effort and contribution to their English classes and it was a real joy to spend the day with them.

Ms Kibbler

“On Friday 11th February 2022, The English Department gave some lucky Year 9 students the opportunity to see ‘& Juliet’, a modern and musical reimagining of the Shakespeare classic, ‘Romeo & Juliet’ at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London’s West End.

This exciting trip was in the midst of Drop Down Day and rehearsals for the Bremer production of Annie! So at lunchtime we assembled from around the school and got the bus and the tube, special thanks to Mr Reardon, Ms Kibbler and Mr Akata for being the helpers on the trip!

When we arrived near the theatre, many of us visited various food shops (mainly Subway) to eat up, as we sat right outside the Shaftesbury. With only 7 minutes to spare, we made our way to our fantastic seats in the stalls, and enjoyed the show!

It truly put a cool spin on the tragedy, making it a charming feminist jukebox musical! With plenty of laughs, singing and claps from the audience, & Juliet is a musical like never before, which the Year 9 pupils are extremely grateful to have seen!“- Rufus Year 9