Marvellous Mosaic Mania

The Art department was very excited to host an all staff mosaic workshop on behalf of Artyface- Maude Milton last month  . This is the 2nd workshop for designing and printing clay tiles for the LBWF culture bid project called the ‘Marvellous Mosaic Mania’ which Bremer’s  Art department won a grant for last year. Numerous staff attended the mosaic workshop and there was such a lovely atmosphere, especially after the pandemic restrictions, it was lovely to see so many departments work together on this collaborative piece of work. At least 12 departments attended over the course of the day to create their tiles including office staff, cleaners and maintenance workers. The Art department then arranged another few workshops for KS3 students during lesson time and after school art club . Year 7 and Year 8 students created some fantastic and meaningful tiles reflecting their community and diverse curriculum. These tiles are presently being fired and glazed ready to assemble for the new Bremer school sign, which we hope will be installed in the new year by spring

Thank you to all those that made the effort and supported us with this exciting new venture.