Warning: Hazard. Don’t start reading without your safety goggles!

The science department started the year off with a big bang (literally) with a live show from the Royal Institute for our brilliant Year 8 and 9 pupils. This was a fantastic show whereby pupils learned about the different types of energy stores through live demonstrations.

Our lovely Year 7 pupils have made an excellent start to the year and are extremely enthusiastic about the year ahead. Year 7’s have started a new reading strategy called ‘Answers to my Article’ which feeds their curious minds. They have taken part in many experiments and some of our eager beavers have even joined STEM club where they have been making gliders, turbines, invisible ink and much much more!

Elsewhere in the labs our lovely Year 10 pupils have been really engaged completing key required practical’s as well as having a little bit of fun on the side. Students completed the elephant’s toothpaste experiment showing them the effects of catalysts and how they work!


Have you ever wondered what an onion cell looks like under a microscope, but, have never managed to get your hands on a microscope? Well now you don’t have to because some of our brilliant Year 11’s have done it for you!

Miss Jamil
Teacher of Science