Behind the Scenes

The return of Year 7 & 8 Drama Club has been fantastic with a variety of performances, drama games and team building activities.  Each week it has been great to have the students back in the Drama studios for creating hilarious improv and devised performances. All students have been very welcoming to each other and have motivated students to build on their confidence.


Some quotes from students summarising their experience of Drama Club:

“I love everything that we have done in drama club, especially when you get to choose what character you want and act. The reason why I like it is because you get to be yourself and express yourself!”- Eslie

“I really liked getting to know people at drama club that I don’t spend a lot of time with, admiring those people’s acting skills and possibly even trying to adapt some of those skills into my own ‘drama experience’.”- Melba

“There are so many reasons why I love drama club. it boosts up my confidence in acting.”- Emre

“I have enjoyed the opportunity it has given to be with people who enjoy drama as much as me, and to act with them.”- Bo