Science Club

This term in Science Club, our Year 7 pupils have explored different topics within science through creative experiments. They were even able to create their very own amazing exploding volcanoes!


I’ve enjoyed being creative and having fun with my friends at the same time as learning. I came to science club due to my interest in science and it did not disappoint!”- Daniel

 “The thing I loved about science club is that we get to make experiments and learn something new every week”- Delina

 “I wanted to go to science club because I heard my friends talking about it and I liked doing practical’s”- Ivo

 “I went to science club because it is really fun and we do practical’s. My favourite practical was the volcano because we were able to make it explode! We had a bottle then we stuck paper mâché to it, then painted it. We gave the rewards to the best volcano and my team came 3rd!!”- Jacob

 “I enjoyed science club and especially making the volcano. It was really fun. I always waited for Wednesday to come just so I can continue developing my project. Thanks to the teachers which provided such an unforgettable experience”- Anastasia