Pandemic Bremoirs: How We Journeyed When We Couldn’t Travel

What have we learned about ourselves and our place in the world? When we think back to it all, what makes us smile? For surely there were moments, in this past year, that were worth capturing?

Upon our return to face to face teaching, we felt it was important to take the time to reflect and to process all that has happened. And what better way than through writing and the genre of memoirs.

The English and Humanities departments collaborated to produce a week’s worth of lessons dedicated to reflection and understanding of the past year in lockdown. But most importantly to remember the positive and to focus on our shared resilience.

Miss Staten produced the facts and figures and the most amazing timeline of events whilst Ms Kyriakou sourced memoir extracts written by a Londoner who had been a child during WWII and a few select diary entries from Anne Frank, who was hidden with her family in an annexe for two years to escape persecution from the Nazis.

Judging this diary entry, we’re not alone in wanting to preserve the memories. March 29th 1944:

“Mr Bolkestein, the Cabinet Minister, speaking on the Dutch broadcast from London, said that after the war a collection would be made of diaries and letters dealing with the war. Of course, everyone pounced on my diary.”

Our aim is to publish the memoirs into a collection for the school community to keep so that future generations can read about the ordinary and every day moments that aren’t always shared in history books.

Ms Kyriakou

Literacy Lead