Autograph Gallery – Exhibition in a Box

The art department is the very fortunate recipient of this Exhibition, which has been put up around the school so that each year group can see a selection of the photos. ‘The aim of The Missing Chapter project is to bring together a distinct body of photographs which reveal an important, complex black presence in Britain before the SS Empire Windrush steamship arrived in 1948.  Photographed in the latter half of the 19th century, many of these images lay buried deep within the archives for decades unseen for more than 125 years.  They portray a diverse range of people, from visiting performers, politicians, dignitaries, servicemen and women, royalty and missionaries to known personalities and many as yet unidentified individuals living and working in Britain at the time’.  Professor Stuart Hall (1932-2014) said ‘This project wants to bring back into memory and representation, history – the forgotten, the ignored, the disavowed – the marginalised experiences.’