Thinking Outside the Box

Every year we are lucky to offer our pupils the chance to apply for a spot on the prestigious  Simmons & Simmons Young Talent Programme. Having filled out their application forms, 36 pupils attended their ‘Out of the Box’ session, which had to run slightly differently this year. No train journey to the London office, and no free lunch (which they can’t wait for), but that didn’t stop cohort 10!

Upon entering the hall, everyone had their thinking hats on and were ready for the challenge. This year pupils were given a list of twenty items; their task was to decide which four to take to a desert island. Each member of the group then had to agree on the items and persuade the rest of their group if it wasn’t unanimous. Once they had confirmed their four items they had to present to the other groups, who were very vocal and poked holes in their arguments.

Our pupils did a fantastic job of changing the minds of staff about what to take on a desert island and convincing them that they would all thrive on the island too.

Well done to everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing how the lucky twelve participants get on.