Mayor of London STEM Project

Our pupils have been extremely lucky to take part in The Mayor’s London Science Project this year. This initiative was created in 2018 to engage students into STEM subjects and nurture the next generation of Scientists to tackle London’s challenges; such as sustainability and air pollution. This opportunity has allowed our pupils to achieve a national CREST award, through project-based learning and raised the profile of STEM across the school.

One pupil created a game with the aim being to inform how a typical household’s carbon footprint can impact on the development of a sustainable city. The average UK household with a family of 4 has a yearly carbon footprint emission of approximately 40 tons of CO2. To win the game a player must reduce their carbon footprint from 40 tons of C02 to 0 tons.

And on top of that Frederick Bremer were the lucky winners of a £800 Royal Institution School Science Show which will be showcasing later in the Summer term. For more information check our the London Gov Website.