Science Week

Year 7 and 8 celebrated British Science Week with a week of fun practical lessons and exciting demonstrations. All pupils watched heart dissections, the elephants toothpaste experiment explode, the rainbow fizz experiment create fun colours and more!


Year 7 tested acids and alkalis and investigated pH, while Year 8 made volcanoes and lava lamps. It was a week enjoyed by students and teachers alike, and a massive well done to all students for being so hardworking, enthusiastic and creative!


Here are some quotes from students summarising the week:

“I liked the practicals and the freedom we got from them. It was fun working in groups and doing experiments.”

“I really enjoyed all the experiments, especially the one where you have to make a volcano. It was a lot of fun.”

“I learned what a real heart looks like and how it works. I remember that when the pressure is released, the balloon races forward. I really enjoyed Science Week.”

“I enjoyed learning the new things and the practical’s were really good and innovating and actually required some thinking to finish”


Ms Gouch

KS3 Science Coordinator