Introducing our new Head Pupils

This year we had to run our Head Student elections slightly different to usual. Our candidates created both posters and videos to promote their campaigns. The week of 15th March, each year group – including Year 11 – took to the polls.

Whilst watching the candidates campaign videos you could feel the excitement in the air, with pupils discussing who they wanted to represent them next.

The seven candidates waited nervously over the weekend to find out whether their peers and staff had elected them into these distinguished positions. The votes were counted and it was only a matter of time before they found out.

Thank you to all 14 pupils that applied. All pupils went through a rigorous process of: an application, and an interview with Ms Smith, Mrs Padley and their Head of Year, Ms Kenny, before being whittled down to just seven candidates. Well done to each of the seven who ran honest and successful campaigns. Congratulations to our newly appointed Head Students who will be in this highly respected position for the next year. Our Head Pupils will be taking 2021 by storm and we can’t wait to see what they will accomplish during their time as Heads of our Pupil Leadership Team.