Making London Greener

A group of 16 students from Year 8, 9 and 11 took part in the Mayor’s London Young Scientist Program and successfully achieved their Bronze Crest Awards. This year the project evolved and was given an online platform.

The students were asked to produce a project based on one of the following areas: sustainability, biodiversity or air quality. They were responsible for carrying out research, creating a proposal, presenting and running their project within the school.

The biodiversity idea proposed by the Bio Brains team was a biodiverse green wall at the back of the playground to allow a diverse number of species to thrive on the school site. More diverse organisms would improve the local wild life and reduce the number of sea gulls that visit the school site daily.

Team Bin Business created a sustainability project using the food waste from the dining hall to produce compost for a school garden. The compost would also be used by the Think, Air, Share team.

Think, Air, Share created an air quality project to encourage less use of motor vehicles in and around the school and to increase the number of trees on the school site as well as to encourage all students, teachers and parents to grow more trees at home in order to improve the air quality and remove some of the harmful chemicals that are building up in the atmosphere.

The teams worked amazingly and produced their project learning from each other. These students will all be receiving their Bronze crest award certificate in the next few weeks.

Well done to all the teams and we look forward to welcoming more applicants this academic year!

Well done and congratulations to Myla, Danielle, Vanesha, Rania, Tobias, Jacob, Johnny, Sam, Lucas, Arash, Mohammed, Lena, Umar, Marcel, Asadullah and Aqilah.