International Women and girls day in Science

The Science department hosted its 2nd annual International women and girl’s day in science on Tuesday 11th February 2020.

The aim of the day was to introduce the Year 10 year group to a wide range of inspirational people, who carried out activities with the students. The activities were designed to encourage and motivate the students into STEM careers.

The guest included Amber O’Connor from Siemens who carried out “Siemens Curiosity Project” about the diversity of engineering and got the students to look at their skillsets to understand how they really could be applicable to a STEM career.

Alice Swallow from Ford who carried out a design activity called “Smart cities of the Future”. Looking at the types of transport their city will use and the infrastructure needed to support cities of the future.

PC Jess Nixon Met Police officer shared her insight of being a police officer and how learning the science of the body has helped in improving and evolving of the police procedures and improving the methods the police are using to preserve evidence at a crime scene.

Johanne Moss Debenhams Buyer and director looked at ethical buying and sustainability. Linking the choice of clothing being bought and where they are sourced.

Edward Morgan used the schools set of Resusci Annie’s to demonstrate basic CPR. The students where then given time to carry out the CPR process and learned the key points linked to basic CPR.

London Metropolitan University ambassador, Blessing carried out an activity linked to virus and shared her insight of being a midwife with the students.

Bridie Claire an NHS pediatric dietitian linked her experiences of diet and how this effects the body’s digestion. Birdie share the Bristol stool chart showing the students the impact of poor diets.

Ms Moor Mahomed