Working with Waterstones

The annual Waterstones Children’s Book Prize has three sections, “Illustrated”, “Younger Readers” and “Older Readers”, with a winner in each category. This year, 15 students from Frederick Bremer took part in a video for Waterstones reviewing the six nominated books for the Older Readers book prize. The books were: Internment, Jemima Small vs The Universe, I Will Not Be Erased, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, The Million Pieces of Neena Gill and Bearmouth. The pupils were each given one of these books and three weeks to read it before the filming. In the video, each student stated a reason that they loved the book. Every book in the video is part of the shortlist for the prize but the winner is yet to be announced. You can watch the video here or on the Waterstones YouTube Channel and is entitled “Older Readers – Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2020”. The Older Readers books in the shortlist have been inspired by the issues, politics and diversity of today.

By Abigail