Three of Bremer’s alumni have been commissioned by Simmons & Simmons an international law firm who we work closely with, to create an art installation to demonstrate “the concept of collaboration by the strength of the structure deriving from the many different spheres coming together.

The piece is only seen as complete when all the spheres are thought of as a collective, like the people that build communities or the birds that create a murmuration in the sky. The other aspects of the structure consist of the string that connects the spheres to each other and the ceiling. These were implemented to portray a physical bond, reiterating the concept of collaboration.

The simplicity of the piece is also important to the concept; as collaboration is a fundamental aspect of human life, it’s what has gotten us this far and ensures our progression.

Our firm has a longstanding relationship with Frederick Bremer, our Young Talent Programme partner School. The programme, now in its seventh year, is designed to raise students’ aspirations through a series of ongoing, longer-term initiatives that provide access to work and skills development opportunities at our firm and more widely across the legal profession and at our clients organisations. We commissioned Ewan, Kehkshan and Jaunelle to create this piece to mark the launch of the firm’s new brand identity.”

We are so proud of our alumni who took part in this amazing installation and look forward to seeing more of their artwork to come.