International Men’s Day

The week beginning 18th November, Frederick Bremer held assemblies to mark International Men’s Day. International Men’s Day is an annual celebration that aims to promote positive aspects of  male identity. The objectives are set out in “The Six Pillars of International Men’s Day”, which include celebrating men’s positive contributions and focusing on men’s health and wellbeing. In  addition to the Six Pillars, an optional secondary theme is suggested by the world coordinators, with this year’s secondary theme being “Making a Difference for Men and Boys”, which focused on promoting the need to value men and boys and helping people make practical improvements in their health and wellbeing. Previous themes have revolved around subjects such as men and  boys safety and physical and mental health, stereotypes and male suicide. This last theme was particularly important, as 76% of suicides in the UK are men. In fact, in every country except China, men  have higher suicide rates. To follow this, 85% of homeless people are men as well as 92% of workplace fatalities, and men are more likely to get a prison sentence and serve longer. These statistics show us that there are real issues and stigma attached to elements of male identity that we need to address. International Men’s Day is a way to educate us and begin to talk about this.


By Abigail- Year 8