On the Road

For the first time ever Music students went on a Music Tour for 2 days to Somerset.  The idea behind the tour was to give students an opportunity to visit new places and perform to new audiences.

The tour started with a trip to Stonehenge, then a visit to the city of Salisbury.  Students were staying in Cheddar and performed their first concert at a Village Hall in Cheddar alongside a Folk Choir. The students performed an amazing set and the local community was very impressed with them.

On day 2 students visited Wells Cathedral and the City of Bath.  In between this, students performed at a primary school in Bath to a school orchestra, and also performed a joint item.  The Head of School was very impressed by the performance, as were we of their own orchestra.

The two day tour was successful and the students were amazing and made the whole trip very fun.

Students commented that they enjoyed, “walking around new places and the mix of activities” and “enjoyed the performing and where we were staying and visiting lots of places and spending time with the other students”.


We look forward to organising another trip again next year!


– The Music Department