My journey to Le Touquet

What a day I had- it was tiring, exciting but most  of all FUN!!

It all started at 2:00am in the morning, when I had to wake up (was not great) but I was bursting full of excitement waiting for this trip to happen .Once I felt more awake I got up and started to prepare myself . When my bag was ready, I made sure entertainment was there for me, and before you knew it I was off ready to go!

As I arrived at School there was a large party of year 7s chatting away with parents heartened as their child was about to leave. Before boarding on the coach, this was my time to say goodbye to my loving Dad. I felt jolly but saddened because I didn’t want to say goodbye but as soon as my best friend Jessica appeared, my smile brightened  again knowing she was going to be there with me.

4:00am- On The Coach

Meanwhile, whilst everyone got on the coach, Jessica and I waved goodbye to our beaming parents .This made me wonder how much fun this day was going to be. I talked to my peers about what they were looking forward to the most, lots of people said the ferry (which was going to Dover to Calais), but I was most interested on spending my Euros in Le Touquet. Miss Stewart had addressed the rules and things that were going to happen throughout the day which made me feel extremely delighted to be here.

6:40- On the ferry

The most exciting part was that we made it on the massive ferry, everyone was cheering as soon as we got there leaving an uplifted vibe. All the teachers gathered us together, Miss Stewart, Miss Padley and so on, upstairs on the Ferry. When everyone was there we were given instructions and told about our meeting place on the Ferry .Meanwhile all we wanted to do was explore this fascinating place that had a Starbucks,  a lounge, a gift shop (that was amazing with giant sweets) and LOTS more!!!The best part was that they gave us the opportunity to explore in groups.

When I say everyone, I mean everyone ran to Starbucks to get a Frapachinno.  Sadly I couldn’t get one because it was out of stock by the time I got to the front!! The ferry was luxurious, those giant sweets were awesome; and it was very cool to see navy aqua sea which blew my eyes away.

9:15- Arrival to Calais

The time at the beach was the best part! After that long ferry ride we arrived on the beach so we could be free and love  nature .This was the time when friendships groups got together and had fun.  The teachers were chatting with us and enjoying the honey sun whilst we year 7s played away.  I went to the sea and had a paddle but most of all I enjoyed my glorious time with all my friends laughing and running around. We were there for at least 2 hours giving us the chance to have all the fun we wanted!

12:45- Le Touquet town

After we left the beach we went to the town that was really beautiful and lovely. We were allowed to explore in groups of three or more in the town .As I walked  around my eyes observed every little thing especially the food shops. It was delicious and great fun to try new things. I enjoyed the ham and chesses but it was quite filling. My favourite shop was the sweet shop because all sweets were irresistible and left my mouth buzzing with a thousand flavours. I loved going around viewing lots of shops but time went very fast. The best thing was the berry ice cream. It was creamy, fresh and yummy. I saw everyone’s faces full of happiness- it made me think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity you get so DON’T waste it, live life as it should be! Now at this point it was time to say goodbye to the wonderful Le Touquet, which I didn’t want to do, but I know that I’ll be coming back one day.

16:30- On the coach to get ferry

Now this was my absolute favourite time of all times because we all united and had loads of fun. Everyone sang nursery rhymes- it was great, Jessica and I laughed away feeling like little kids again and Miss Stewart, Mrs Shaldas and Mr Kercani loved it. This was great entertainment for all (you should have been there)!

17:55- Ferry from Calais to Dover

The Ferry was packed and sort of boring for me because I felt a bit light headed and sea sick. It was ok in the end because I got something to eat and drink to make myself full for the coach back to school.

18:30- On the way back to Frederick Bremer school

All I have to say that people slept; played and relaxed until we got to school enjoying every last bit of what was left. When we arrived all of the parents were so pleased that we arrived home safe- this was love!


This was one of the best trips I’ve ever had and I wouldn’t want to have it with any other people in the world. Thanks to Miss Stewart for organising this trip and being the best teacher ever!

By Erica 7C