Frederick Bremer Art Exhibition 2019

Thanks to lots of work by many people in the school, this year’s exhibition was another great success and we had a fantastic turnout of over 150 people from students, parents, Governors and staff to VIP’s!  The work this year included animation, ceramics, sculpture, Rorschach tests, politics and a giant skull, as well as high quality drawing and painting.  We were really pleased to welcome the tutor from Central St Martins who had run the ceramic workshops – it was great he could see the culmination of the work on display and he was very pleased to read the insightful descriptions of the students work.  In addition, we had lots of alumni students who came back to see the work and support the school, we are very pleased that so many of them keep in touch with the art department and are going on to such exciting things in further education and within the Creative Arts industries.