International Day for Women in Science

On the 11th February, Frederick Bremer held an event to celebrate International Day for Women in Science. Our Year 10 pupils took part in four sessions throughout the day, events varied from  police forensics to building bridges with Kingston University. Our pupils got to see different areas of science and the opportunities that it can bring, especially in non-stereotypical science based jobs.
Our visitors said “Teachers and students were really engaged in the event, great organisation and great energy!” Sara

‘It was refreshing to see Year 10s nurturing their creativity.’ Assia

‘What I enjoyed the most was the look on the students faces when they realised that university degrees don’t necessarily match job titles for most of us working today” Ruta

“This was a fabulous opportunity for students to learn first-hand about some of the careers they could take up in the future, and to be inspired to think about, and seek knowledge about, them. I  was very happy to share my experience and to encourage students to look to the future with excitement and curiosity”. Cllr Sally Littlejohn