100 Marathon Challenge

As you might well imagine, there are a growing number of the school community who are experiencing financial hardship, and the School has been working through our hardship fund to support families affected in this way. We are committed to extending this support to all the school community and are, therefore, actively fundraising to ensure we can continue to provide any necessary support as and when we identify a need.

As a staff body we are launching our ‘100 Marathons Challenge’. Members of staff at the school are committing to running/walking a combined distance of 2620 miles (or the equivalent to 100 marathons) across a 1-month period (from 22nd May to 22nd June). Through these efforts, we are hoping to raise a significant amount of money through sponsorships which will go straight to the hardship fund.

As we undertake this challenge, we would welcome any contributions to our fundraising effort that you are able to manage and assure you that all contributions will be gratefully received. To support our efforts, you can select from any of the following methods to make a donation:

Bank Transfer

Donations can be made directly into the school’s bank account. If you wish to make a donation by bank transfer then please contact Sue Hall via s.hall@bremer.waltham.sch.uk and you will be provided with the relevant bank details. All money donated by bank transfer will go directly to the hardship fund. 
ParentPay Donations can be made via ParentPay. Please use the “Families in Need” payment option available within your ParentPay account. ParentPay will deduct a 2% fee from all donations made via ParentPay so we will receive 98% of any money donated.

Donations can be made via the 100 Marathons GoFundMe webpage. This can be accessed Here. GoFundMe add a 2.9% charge and a 25p processing fee at the point of donation (Paid by the donating party) but the School receives all remaining money donated.

This promises to be a fantastic month-long event and we have many members of staff already committed to racking up mileage to reach this goal, with even Mr Palombo promising to run! You will be able to keep up to date with our progress and immerse yourself in this challenge through regular updates on this page and social media channels.

If you have any questions or would like to support this initiative in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Palombo, Mr Anastasi or Ms Smith, and please do spread the word amongst friends, family and the wider community – this is all for a fantastic cause and will help the school to continue to support all of our pupils and their families at this time of need.