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Frederick Bremer School was inspected in December 2015, and inspectors confirmed our judgement that the school was securely good in all categories.


The school is on a rapid journey of educational transformation, and we are committed to becoming an outstanding provider of community education and to secure the very best life chances for our young people. 


We have a rigorous structure of self-evaluation, to ensure we are forensically monitoring the impact of our work. This is monitored by Governors (who are supported in their work by the National Governors Association), the Local Authority and we also are reviewed annually as part of our membership of Challenge Partners.

Please see below for our latest Ofsted reports


Ofsted 2015


Ofsted 2013

Ofsted 2012


At Frederick Bremer School, high quality self-evaluation is at the heart of School Improvement. We have a rigorous evaluation schedule, which enables leaders to have a forensic understanding of the school and inform our priorities for the forthcoming year.


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You will find the information here which summarises our Self Review, current progress and Improvement plan.


It is hoped that this information is useful for Ofsted, and for others interested in the development of Frederick Bremer School.



1. Our School Improvement Plan and Self Evaluation document


2. Current Self Evaluation March 2017


3. Roles and Responsibilities


4. Assessment Calendar


5. Quality Assurance Calendar


6. Raise Online 2015


7. School Context


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