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Ms Chafer

Director of Maths

 Pratik Depala

Mr Depala

2nd in Maths

 Bel O'Leary

Ms O'leary

Maths Teacher


 Altin Kercani

Mr Kercani

Maths Teacher


 Kim Phillips

Mrs Philips

Maths Teacher


Ms Sengupta

Maths Teacher









 Sam Mitchell

Mr Mitchell

Maths Teacher (Teach First)











Jonathan Lloyd

Mr Lloyd

Maths Teacher






 Key Stage 3


Maths KS3 (Y7 - Y9 December)



 Key Stage 4


Maths KS4 New GCSE



ICT Resources we use in maths:



HegatyMaths, this allows pupils to watch helpful videos but also homework will be set on this from now on.

  In order to login, pupils need to find the existing user tab "student login".



First name

Last name



Kerboodle, this gives pupils access to all the textbooks we use in class.


Login: Initial and last name eg: bmaths

Password: Initial and last name so same as login, eg bmaths

Institution code: wa5

 Pupils will be prompted to change their password


Method Maths, this gives pupils many past exam papers and workbooks which is automatically marked.


Centre ID : bremer


Password: Firstname (initial in capital then all lowercase)





Please clickhere to view the handbook for parents.



Maths has many strands and despite certain topics being taught in each year group, this is not set in stone and there is no ceiling to learning. For example, if a group is very able they will be taught topics that come in the year above.



Getting Ready in Maths




Maths Grade Descriptors - Number


Maths Grade Descriptors - Algebra


Maths Grade Descriptors - Geometry


Maths Grade Descriptors - Probability and Statistics


Maths Grade Descriptors- Ratio, Proportion, and Rates of Change



Alex Palombo


Mr Palombo

Assistant Headteacher and Business Teacher


Jonathan Lloyd


Mr Lloyd

Business/Economics Teacher 


Coming Soon


All Enrichment Activities that will be running throughout this term can be found here.

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