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Learning outside lesson time is a key factor in raising pupil achievement and home-learning tasks will be set regularly at Frederick Bremer. There are many benefits associated with learning outside the classroom. These include:

• Developing positive study skills and habits
• Developing good time management
• Encouraging independence and responsibility for learning
• Improving memory and thinking skills
• Learning to use resources, such as libraries, reference materials, and the internet to find information
• Exploring subjects in more depth
• Applying skills to new situations
• Integrating learning by applying many different skills to a single task such as an extended report
• Involving parents in their children’s learning, including creating channels for home-school dialogue

We believe it is important for pupils to get into the habit of focussed, independent work from year 7, to develop their skills for future examination preparation and the world of work.


Time spent on home learning activities. 

Year Group

Time each day (minutes)











2. Time allocations per subject. Subject areas will each have their own procedures with regard to setting home learning. The following is a guideline to the amount of home learning each subject should set weekly.
NB. KS4 pupils should expect to do more than this during exam preparation periods.




  KS3 (Years 7-9)

KS4 (Years 10-11)


30-45 Minutes

1 Hour*


30-45 Minutes

1 Hour


30-45 Minutes

1 Hour


30-40 Minutes

1 Hour

Creative Arts

30-40 minutes of Music, Drama or Art on a 3 week cycle


* All pupils are expected to engage in at least 1 hour of reading each week in addition to English home learning activities

3. Pupils will have a home-learning record for each subject in their exercise books allowing pupils, teachers and parents to monitor and review activities completed.


In-school support for home learning

• Pupils have access to the Learning Resource Centre, including the internet, during and after the school day.
• There is a structured intervention and support timetable which runs after school every day, and includes home learning clubs.
• Marking and feedback is key to improvement, and parents will see regular evidence of this in pupil’s books
• Pupil planners are regularly monitored by STILs and SLT for setting and completion of home learning tasks
• Subject home-learning records are regularly monitored by Heads of Departments and SLT as part of the school’s programme of work scrutiny.
Non-completion will result in departmental sanctions, including detention.

Support from home

• Research shows that interest and support from parents / carers has a significant impact on achievement
• Make sure your child has a quiet place to work and to store their books
• Make sure your child has plenty of water and sleep to maximize their learning potential
• Check and sign your child’s planner at least every week
• Ask to see your child’s books regularly, check their work and sign the home-learning record for each piece of work.

To discuss home learning, please contact Ms. Colvin.


SAM Learning

We encourage all pupils to use SAM Learning to aid them with their homework. The online flexible teacher and learning resource features a range of revision, homework and exam preparation activities.
To access SAM Learning visit: https://www.samlearning.com/?c=E17FB

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