Frederick Bremer School is an 11-16 community school in Walthamstow, Waltham Forest. We are a non-selective school for the local community, and we are representative of the community we serve. We are an inclusive school, and whilst we are very diverse, every pupil is known for who they are and the richness of their character.

We have a specialist Autism Spectrum Condition provision, and we cater for up to 25 pupils with a statement for ASC who will receive additional support within a mainstream school. Our ASC pupils are very successful in the school, and our provision is popular with parents seeking to educate their children within a mainstream setting.

We also have large and highly specialist SEN team, who support a large number of pupils in the school with a range of needs from visual impairments to medical needs to cognitive learning needs.

We successful cater for all pupils, and have a blend of mixed ability, setting and streaming across the school to enable pupils to be challenged and make good progress.

The profile of our school

- 42 different languages spoken
- Multicultural - Biggest ethnic groups are: Pakistani 18%, White British 15%, White Eastern European 8%, Black Caribbean 8%
- 23% Free School Meals, 50% pupil premium
- 4% Statements
- Prior attainment on entry:
- 14% low (below level 4)
- 50% middle (at level 4 = national average)
- 36% higher (above level 4)
- A real community school, most pupils come from within a mile of the school

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